Affordable limo and Sedan Services

We are providing the best and affordable limo and sedan services. Smart Ride’s Team’s vision is to make transportation accessible to everyone at Low Cost, On-Demand, and the cheapest rideshare services across the USA.

Smart Ride

Smart Ride Sedan

Regular 4 doors sedans that can accommodate up to 3 people comfortably.

Economical regular sedans for quick in and out and for dashing from point to point. Off course clean and commercially registered and insured and driven by licensed drivers in the dress code acceptable by Smart Ride.

Smart Ride

Smart Ride XL

Our minivans and midsize SUVs are comfortable rides. Minivan can accommodate 5 to 6 people and midsize SUV can take up to 4 people.

Very convenient and economical for small groups and families or fewer people with more luggage. Your travel to airport of an important even should be covered by this. We highly recommend making reservations with us in advance as this service is high in demand.

Smart Ride

Luxury Sedan / Black Car Service

In line with your needs, we have luxury sedans like Lincoln Town Car / Continental / Midsize SUVs like Infinity / Acura and similar category sedans that can take up to 3-4 people.

All your favourite vehicles with the comfort levels your deserver, you ride in style in these vehicles with professional Chauffeur / Drive at the controls. We are providing a range of limo and sedan services at very affordable prices compared to the competition and we invite you to experience the difference yourself.

Smart Ride

Deluxe: Mercedes Benz / Escalade

Your leading class riding needs are fulfilled by our fleet of these dynamic vehicles. Elegance, luxury and style are the hallmark these vehicles. You are bound to impress with these classy cars and your professional Chauffeur / Driver to carter to your VIP needs.

Smart Ride

Smart Ride SUV

Our fleet of full size SUVS like Chevy Suburban / Lincoln Navigator or similar can easily take up to 6 people.

These luxury full size SUVs can accommodate 6-7 people with standard size 6 suite cases or fewer people with more bags and luggage. In these super luxury vehicles, you ride with exceptional comfort with your family, friends, your coworkers and small groups. As usual our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always at hand to help with your journey.

Smart Ride

Smart Ride Van

These vehicles are available upon reservations. Full-size vans like Sprinters can take up to 11 to 14 people. Since these are special purpose vehicles reservations are required for us to process your requests. These vans do come in different sizes so please get in touch with us with your requirements.

Smart Ride

Smart Ride’s Package delivery

On-time all the time. For your time-sensitive package delivery needs, papers, precious packages, gifts and last-minute deliveries we have launched this great service for you. With personal care, on time and reliable service, we deliver in line with your instructions.

Smart Ride only uses commercially registered, insured vehicles with licensed professional chauffeurs / drivers.