Frequently asked questions from support

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Our team members individually have 25 to 35 years of experience in this transportation business and with this extensive knowledge and experience, we know the business very well. We know some companies provide rides with cheap rates but there are no standards and professional service.
We think the people of this great area deserve better standards and service and we are committed to providing better service and standards at reasonable rates.

To provide better service we have set up several contacting options like Email, Text line, Our website’s Contact Us page, and reservation portal.   

Yes, and we highly recommend doing so for on-time service.

To provide prompt services to all, we want people to order a vehicle when they need it and are ready for it. If the vehicle is available they can have it however, for any on-demand order if canceled a minimum fee of $5.00 will be charged and if canceled after a reasonable time then a minimum fee plus the duration of time will be charged.
On the other hand, if you cancel a reservation six hours in advance there will be no charge. It only applies to Smart Ride Sedan, XL, and Luxury/Black, but it does not apply to specialty vehicles like SUVs, Deluxe, and Luxury Vans. A minimum of 50% of the job value on specialty vehicles will be charged. In the event of a last-minute cancellation or a no-show, the job will be charged in full.

We love to have feedback, compliments, or complaints, though we take complaints very seriously and we launch an investigation soon to hear both sides and then take appropriate actions.

We do offer promotions but some restrictions apply.