At Smart Ride Nationwide we do not sell, rent or disseminate your personal information to any outside third parties without your knowledge and authorization. We reserve the right to use the information supplied to provide requested services and collect payments for services rendered in accordance with our rates, terms and policies.

You can trust Smart Ride Nationwide with your personal information by using Smart Ride phone, website and applications. Smart Ride Nationwide is dedicated to protecting your privacy. Please go through our Privacy Policy to understand how we make that happen.

Smart Ride Nationwide’s Privacy Policy defines how we collect your personal information, how it’s used and shared and your selections regarding this information. We recommend that you read this along with other information which highlights how our Privacy Policy works.

The following information is collected/gathered by or on behalf of Smart Ride Nationwide: Information given by users. This includes:

  • User profile: We gather Information when users set up or update their Smart Ride accounts. This may include their name, phone number, emails, login name and password, profile picture, address, payment or banking information (including related payment verification information), government identification documents, including driver’s license numbers and images, birthdate, signature, and photo. This also includes vehicle or insurance information of chauffeurs / drivers and delivery affiliates / partners, and user settings. We may use the photos submitted by drivers or delivery affiliates / partners to verify their identities.
  • Background check and identity verification: We only hire affiliates, independent contractor, partners who are already licensed by NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission and licensed by New Jersey State, all such chauffeurs / drivers come with background check by the state before they get Taxi, For-hire vehicle, and Limousine license. We do not hire people who don’t have commercially licensed vehicles and drivers license.
  • User Contact: We gather the information when users contact Smart Ride customer support and submit information to provide ratings and compliments. This may contain comments, photographs, and/or other information submitted by users.


This notice applies to users of Smart Ride Nationwide’s services anywhere in the USA, including users of Smart Ride Nationwide’s app, features, website/apps or other services. This notice explains how Smart Ride and its affiliates gather and use personal information. This notice applies to all users of our website/apps, features, other services anywhere in the USA, unless covered by a separate privacy notice. This notice applies to:

  • Riders: All those individuals who request or receive transportation, including those who receive transportation requested by another individual.
  • Drivers / Chauffeurs: All those individuals who provide, or submit applications to Smart Ride to provide, transportation individually or through affiliate transportation companies.
  • Delivery partners: All those individuals who provide, or submit applications to Smart Ride to provide, package delivery or other services.
  • Delivery recipients: All those individuals who request or receive packages, or other products and services
  • This notice also administers Smart Ride Nationwide’s other collections of personal information in connection with Smart Ride Nationwide’s services
  • All those subjected to this notice are referred to as “users” in this notice.

For riders who do not have a Smart Ride account: The personal information of riders who take trips
arranged by the other account holder of a Smart Ride account, such as when a

  • The rider takes a ride arranged by the account holder of a Smart Ride Nationwide’s account is processed following our contract with the account holder, and not as otherwise indicated in this notice. Such processing may include sharing of rider location information and personal information with the account holder. Please contact the holder of such an account for more information.

Our actions/practices are subject to all applicable laws where we operate our business. Please contact us via email or text message through the addresses given on contact us page of the company website/apps with any questions regarding our practices in a state or region.

Information collections and uses
Smart Ride Nationwide collects/gathers:

  • Information provided by users to Smart Ride Nationwide, such as during account set up.
  • Information given during use of our services, such as location, app usage and device Information.
  • Information from other sources, such as Smart Ride Nationwide affiliates and third parties that use Smart Ride apps.

Information provided while use of Smart Ride services. This includes: 

  • Place and Location Information: We collect exact or approximate place and location information from a user’s mobile device if enabled by the user to do so. For drivers and delivery partners, Smart Ride Nationwide collects this Information when the Smart Ride App is running in the forefront or background of their mobile device. For riders, delivery recipients, Smart Ride Nationwide collects this Information when the Smart Ride app is running in the foreground. Smart Ride Nationwide may also collect this Information when the Smart Ride app is running in the background of the user’s mobile device. Riders and delivery recipients may use the Smart Ride Nationwide’s apps without enabling Smart Ride to collect location information from their mobile devices, though this may affect some functionality available in the Smart Ride apps. For example, a user who hasn’t enabled location Information collection will have to manually enter their address. Location information collected from a driver or rental device during a trip will be linked to the rider’s account, even if they haven’t enabled location information to be collected from their device, including for purposes of customer support, detecting fraud, insurance, litigation and receipt generation.
  • Business transaction information: We collect business transaction information related to the use of our services, order details, including the type of services requested or provided, delivery information, date and time the service was provided, distance traveled, amount charged and payment method. Moreover, if someone uses your promotion code, we may associate your
    name with that individual.
  • Devices Information: We may collect information about the devices used to access or contact our services, including the hardware models, device IP address, operating systems, phone, and versions, software, advertising identifiers, device motion information and mobile network information and other relevant information.
  • Third party technology/cookies/systems: Smart Ride Nationwide and its Affiliates/Partners may use other technologies and cookies on our apps, website, emails and online advertisements. Cookies can be and will be used for multiple purposes like, analyzing site traffic, determining the popularity and effeteness of content, delivering and checking the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, authenticating users by their preferences and set up.
  • Sharing and disclosure of information: Smart Ride Nationwide’s some services, features require that we share information with other users or at user’s request. We may also share information with our partners, affiliates for legal reasons or because of claims and disputes. Smart Ride Nationwide may share the information that we collect and gather with other users like, rider’s first name, rating, pick up address and drop off locations with drivers/chauffeurs/delivery partner/delivery recipient. Driver’s information to share with riders/delivery recipients, name, photo, vehicle make, model, color, license plate and vehicle image/photo, active location and
    average rating.
  • Business Account and different account owner: : If a rider uses a business employer’s account or uses an account own by other owner and he is authorized to use, we may share their personal information and ride information if necessary, with the owner of the account. We may also use business and personal information to identify, confirm and to inform, report any activity normal
    or suspicious.
  • Business Partner and Service Providers: : Smart Ride shares information with consultants, vendors, research firms, advertising partners and other business partners or service providers such as cloud storage providers, marketing partners, social media advertising service, payment facilitators and processors, research partners, safety and security vendors to protect apps, fleet
    business partners, insurance and financing partners, airports, lawyers, consultants, accountants and other professional services providers.
  • Decision Making: We use personal information to make decisions regarding the use of our company/partners services.
  • Activating Price Change: Prices and rates can be changed depending upon varying factors such as the estimated time, predicted route, distance, traffic conditions, demand and number of people (riders)
  • Matching Drivers/Chauffeurs/Delivery partners: Riders or package recipient requesting services can be matched with available chauffeurs / drivers and delivery partners considering multiple factors and actual estimated time of arrival, other rides available of different category and price change factor may apply.
  • Deactivating: We weigh, examine and look at multiple factors to decide to deactivate driver/chauffeur/delivery partner including the rider and delivery recipient. Factors we may consider low rating, fraud, playing with system or trying to misuse apps/system by any means.
  • Determining Cancellation Fee by Using data (using apps): We use this information calculate that driver or rider is not misusing the system to charge or to avoid cancellation fee except as described in working and price charges rules.

Rate & Policy Changes:
We reserve the right to change rates and/or policies at any time without notice.

  • Safety and Security: Personal information can be used to provide safety and security of our services including, screening drivers, delivery partners and riders before they start using our services and to prevent misuse of our services by drivers and riders.
  • Using drivers record such as speeding, harsh breaking and acceleration to inform them of safe driving practices by drivers and delivery partners.
  • Using driver information and asking him to send selfie immediately to prevent unauthorized driver.
  • Using driver information their rating, comments by the riders to inform/warn them and to fix behavior/actions towards better practices.

Notification: updates, news and discounts: We may use personal information for but not limited to

Notifications notifying riders/drivers for changes, updates, requirements and other relevant information, we will also be updating you about industry news, current issues as well as future expected, services, technologies related to this business and local and regional news.

We can also use personal information to offer discount deals from time to time.


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